Phyllis the Amaryllis

Here she is! I started growing her on December 9th and took the last photo January 15th, a span of 5-ish weeks. I tried to take a picture each day but wasn’t always successful, and some days I took more than one. 😉 Phyllis had a total of 4 blooms! I stopped taking pictures when the first bloom started looking icky.

She had an onion friend for a little while but he tried to take over.


Her blooms made her so top-heavy she required a little underwire support, teehee! (We used an opened wire hanger from the dry cleaners to prop her up.)


4 thoughts on “Phyllis the Amaryllis

    • 🙂 I don’t know what I did, she was an impulse buy when we bought our tree stand at Lowes before Christmas. Do you know if I can keep her blooming year round? I read that I can store the bulb but I wasn’t sure if she could bloom for more than one “season”.

      • It can be made to flower again – you have to cut the flower stalk down to the top of the bulb. It will probs start to leaf out, so you also may need to fertilize depending on the type of soil in the pot and how large the pot is. As long as it is near a very sunny window you should be able to get blooms again!

        But if you choose to store the bulb – you need to clean the soil off and store it in a cool, dry, and dark place. Some say the crisper in the fridge, but a shoebox or something similar will work just as well!

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