Baby Bug – DAY 143

Bug has done all kinds of new things in the past few weeks that I’ve taken to keeping a handwritten list of them all. I kept putting off writing a post with them because I was busy with the aunties being home on their respective winter breaks. Now that they’re both back at their schools (sad face) I’m FINALLY putting this post together.

Bug has become a roly poly pill bug. He rolls everywhere! He’s getting good at rolling to get toys or into things he shouldn’t be playing with. He even rolls multiple times in a row if he feels the urge. He will scoot a little on the floor, usually backwards, but isn’t crawling. He’s getting better at pushing himself up on his hands so he can look around the room while on his belly. He doesn’t go from sitting to his belly or his belly to sitting – he has to fall backwards to get on the floor on his own. We have to help him up to a sitting position from the floor BUT we make him pull as much as he can to do so. He usually can do it all on his own strength but still needs to hold onto our hands to do it. He still hates being on his belly for any extended period of time, which is a big problem at night when he rolls over and gets stuck.

He’s waking multiple times at night again, partially related to him being lonely. Seriously, if we don’t give him a bottle (like we do during his first nighttime wake-up), the only way we can get him to calm down is to bring him into bed with us. Which wasn’t a problem before because I was getting more sleep that way. But now that he’s bigger he spreads out and kicks/punches me in the face… and I’m not getting as much sleep as I used to (neither is Daddy Bug). It’s my own fault… I still rock Bug to sleep, like I’ve been doing since he came home from the hospital, and he relies on it. And I was the one who started bringing him into bed in the early mornings. We’re going to try the Ferber method starting this weekend. Bug likes sleeping on side now, instead of his back.

Bug’s two bottom teeth are getting bigger and cuter each day! We think he might be getting the two front top teeth as well but he won’t let us touch inside his mouth to check. He’s learning to use those teeth to chew his Mum Mums and just tried (and loved) Cheerios this past weekend! I think we can successfully try attending mass again, now that these foods keep him quiet and entertained.

He now smiles at Daddy Bug, Pappy, and Mimi when they come home from work! He was doing this with the aunties too, when they were home. He likes looking at things out of the corners of his eyes (he discovered his peripheral vision!). He started doing this while moving his arm and hand around his body in a circle, tracking with his eyes. He also likes looking around the room when squinting (which he can only do while smiling with his super cheesy grin).

Bug has been working a whole bunch of new sounds and has been entertaining us with them, especially when he gets tired at night! Actually, that’s when he does a lot of new things for some reason.Β He likes watching the local weather and traffic reports in the morning, and is a fan of Elmo’s World on Sesame Street but only if Elmo is on screen!

He has a few favorite videos on YouTube that he watches on Mimi’s iPad if he’s super cranky before bedtime.

Now, videos and pictures!

Thank you Aunt Mandy for this one!

He’s supposed to be napping…

Patrick “meets” his new cousin Olivia (Daddy Bug’s best friends Joe and Sarah’s first baby just born this weekend.) πŸ™‚

Thank you Aunt Rachel for this one!

Boys and hats

How we usually find him after a nap AND several times at night.

Static! Teeth! Looking less like a baby and more like a toddler, eek!


6 thoughts on “Baby Bug – DAY 143

    • You have a handsome boy too! I’m just happy that people are interested enough to read my baby blah blah blahs. I think I tend to go on and on which is a turn off for people who just want a quick update. Having a cute baby probably helps… πŸ˜‰ Thank you for being such a faithful reader!

  1. Good Luck with Ferberating πŸ™‚ It is was hard to listen to Mia cry when we tried a similar thing but it get progressively less every night. We were so excited when I didn’t get a wake up to cry until 430. There was one morning when I actually woke HER up at 7! Then she started teething and then the holidays….but I do sleep so much better when I’m not worrying about her being in bed with us. Hope that it works well for you guys and Patrick! I’ll be waiting for the blog update!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. I know its one of those methods that can be a polarizing issue for parents, so now that we’ve decided to do it I’m do happy to hear from a mom who has tried something similar πŸ™‚ I hope Bug figures it out quickly and doesn’t fight us on it! He can be a little stubborn… I read it can take from 3-7 days for most babies.

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