Projects Galore – DAY 141

While I didn’t make any New Year’s Resolutions, I have started quite a few long-term projects since the end of 2011. Perhaps if I share them I will be more likely to stick with and finish them?

  1. GET IN SHAPE. “Wait, didn’t you start working on this awhile go?” Why yes! Didn’t stick with it. Good news is I only gained 1 pound during the holidays (truly a Christmas miracle), which puts me 1 pound higher than when I originally wrote about getting back into shape. But pounds and numbers aren’t part of the goal. Instead, I want to fit into a certain dress for my friend’s wedding at the end of June. Also, to keep me in check during the summer, I want to fit into my old work pants by the end of August, when I return to teaching. Reaching both goals saves me money, but more importantly, will make me feel good and be healthy. Mimi and I are going to try to be workout partners, which is always helpful.
  2. UPDATE ITUNES ON MY COMPUTER AND PHONE. Related to goal #1, but also because it’s a function of my phone that I never use. What a waste of good technology! And I love music! Friends, your help is needed. What songs or music do you listen to for a good workout? I still have a few good ones from my life pre-Bug, but new ones are necessary.
  3. PLAN BUG’S 1ST BIRTHDAY PARTY. I don’t have any details about this one ready to go. But I figure the sooner I think about it the easier it will be to plan. I’m thinking low-budget as he’s not going to remember this party, but still fun for the rest of the kiddies and adults that will be attending.
  4. FINISH BUG’S BABY BOOK. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been scrap booking a lot to meet this goal. I figure his 1st birthday is a good ending for the book and that’s coming up! Also, I have a birthday coupon to use at my favorite scrap booking store, Times to Remember, before January is over. The discount store in Lancaster is cheap, cheap, cheap! Very budget-worthy.
  5. FIND A DAYCARE CENTER. Must happen by August so I can get Bug used to going to daycare instead of spending all day with me. It should make going back to work at the end of August a little less traumatic for the both of us. Factors to consider: Close to my work or Daddy Bug’s? Close to where we live even though we’re probably moving before the end of 2012? More educationally- or play-based? Church style or school style? How much $$$ to spend? Basically, my paycheck will have to cover rent and daycare. Eek. (Working mommies, I will need your help. Expect an email about this soon.)
  6. ORGANIZE MY CLASSROOM AND SUPPLY CLOSET. Can’t do much about this one until after my long-term sub is gone and school is out, but it was kind of a mess when I suddenly left for maternity leave. I have no idea what kind of state it’s in now but even if my sub is super neat, I’ll definitely want to organize back to my preferences. And that darn supply closet… I meant to organize it better before maternity leave, thinking I had at least a month to do so, but we all know how that turned out. Silly baby!
  7. UPDATE MY BOOK LIST. I have been reading several books and haven’t posted a single thing about them, reviews of them or even listing them on my book page. They’ve been great reads and I’ve been enjoying them thoroughly knowing I may not have time to read like that after I go back to work.

I feel like there are more things that belong on this list but I can’t think of them currently. More Bug-based posts are coming up this week, pictures and videos and the whole thing. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Projects Galore – DAY 141

  1. Want to “distance” train for a half marathon with me 🙂 ? I’m going to start 6 weeks after Leah is born with the goal of running the disney half next February! I’m not a lover of running but it’s the only thing that keeps me lean. Plus if I make my goal I get to go to Disney! woot!

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