Christmas Extravaganza – DAY 130

Very belated. <MUST STOP MAKING PROMISES ABOUT TIMING OF POSTS!> I was given lots of scrap booking supplies along with a Cricut Expression (a paper cutting machine, the craftiest of all the crafty supplies!) from various family members and have been spending lots of time with Bug’s sadly neglected baby scrap book. Scrapping is my favorite creative outlet and I’ve been enjoying it, please don’t poke fun! Sometime I’ll post pictures from Bug’s book to show you all. 🙂

Cricut Expression

My first project, a thank you card & envelope to my mother-in-law, Grandmama.

One last distraction before the Christmas stuff… we went to the doctor’s office for his 9 month well visit on 12/29. Bug isn’t the 25 pounder we felt like he was, but he’s still BIG. He weighs 22 lbs. 11 oz (80th percentile), is 29.25 inches long (75th percentile), and has a head circumference of 17.75 inches (25th percentile). Looks like he concentrated his growing energies on getting long – he grew 3 inches in a little less than 3 months! He has mild eczema and was prescribed a steroid cream to clear it up (it’s working wonders!). He was also prescribed a daily vitamin containing fluoride as he has two teeth and our town doesn’t treat water with fluoride.

Getting Ready for Christmas

Buying the tree

It barely fit in my car!

Touching the tree with Daddy Bug

Mmm lights

What's on your head?

Still on your head?


They're on my head too?

Almost as yummy as tree lights. (The plastic is intact, I promise!)

Christmas card photo!

"Standing" in front of the tree, Santa's little helper!

The ornament Bug made.

Bug's Christmas stocking that I made.

Front door decorations.

Topping off the tree - Daddy Bug and Aunt Lana 😀

Papaw’s Visit

Papaw visited the weekend before Christmas - see the family resemblance?

Uncle Chris came too!

Aunt Rachel came too!

Christmas Eve

Opening his gift from his great-grandparents Litschi at the Christmas Eve party.

Family photo!

With Aunt Rachel

With Grandmama

Our tree with all the presents underneath, around, & hidden in other corners of the room.

Christmas Day

Sitting with Santa! (Couldn't bring myself to take him to the mall Santa. Potentially traumatic & definitely germy!)

Opening gifts!

Tissue paper!


With Pappy and Mimi!

Uncle Chris rented a Mustang for Christmas!

Guess who drove?

Child after my own heart ❤

Menu before Daddy Bug cooked

After Daddy Bug cooked!

Brothers and their Mom

Daddy Bug and his Mom

Daddy and son, wearing their new VA Tech gear ❤


7 thoughts on “Christmas Extravaganza – DAY 130

  1. All these pictures and videos are so adorable!!! My favorite is Patrick with reindeer ears!!!! Too cute!!! The dinner Jeff cooked sounds seriously awesome!!!

  2. ADORABLE!!!!!! ❤ I still have a couple of videos to send… Tried to upload them to youtube, but they were too big! :-p

    I'll e-mail them asap. My internet at home is down. (Boo.)

    Love you bug family!

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