Busy Busy Busy – DAY 118

I’ve been neglecting my blog pretty badly this past week and for that I apologize! I promise a massive Christmas-y post before next year (tee hee).

We’ve already had family visit 3 days last weekend, and will have more this weekend too. Both of the aunties are home from their respective schools, much to Bug’s delight. I’ve had two Christmas cookies baking sessions and reorganized the pantry. I visited work a second time for union based business (we have a contract!) but had a good time catching up with friends (I was more social this time). Daddy Bug and I managed to watch an entire Christmas movie (Holiday Inn, famous for the song “White Christmas”, which everyone mistakenly believes was originally sung in the movie White Christmas). The dishwasher broke but I did the impossible and was able to find a repair man to come out TODAY, the last working day before Christmas!!! The tree is done, the stockings are hung, gifts have been shipped, Christmas cards have been mailed or handed out… and I have yet to wrap a present. Or buy Bug his Christmas pj’s. The good news is Daddy Bug and Pappy are both home from work today so I’ll have a chance to run out on my own and wrap up the loose ends of the holiday.

I don’t think I’ll be posting again before the 25th (that would truly be a Christmas miracle!) so Merry Christmas! And a belated Happy Hanukah! I hope everyone has a chance to relax, be happy, and have good times with their families over the next few days.

This video seemed pretty amusing. 😉


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