Newsday Tuesday – DAY 108

A few news items I’ve been meaning to write about…

I’ve always enjoyed Amy Adams as an actress and was pleasantly surprised to find out we have this particular physical feature in common. 🙂 I wasn’t aware she was a new mommy! You go girl!

It’s no secret that brain injuries are more common in preemie babies than full-term babies. This article from NPR gets into why that happens, how they were able to study it in preemies non-invasively, and includes possible preventions and therapies. I love that the therapies they’re currently researching can help many different people, not just preemies, with brain injuries, including those with “multiple sclerosis… traumatic brain and spinal cord injury… [and] stroke.”

Levels of arsenic in fruit juice has been a popular topic in the past few months. There was some drama about Dr. Oz initially exposing the arsenic levels in juice were higher than what is allowable in drinking water, but not being clear if the juices contained organic or inorganic arsenic compounds (inorganic arsenic is the dangerous type). Organic or not, there is more allowable arsenic in fruit juice than in bottled or drinking water because people drink more water than juice, which makes sense. But the allowable levels were considered for a person of average adult size and weight, not a child’s! It looks like the FDA has some adjustments to make. I don’t give Bug that much fruit juice, or water for that matter, as he currently doesn’t need that in his diet. I’ve always watered down Bug’s juice (1/2 water, 1/2 juice) because he doesn’t need to be exposed to that much sweetness, and will continue to do so, especially since that will reduce the concentration of arsenic he may be getting in his juice.

Let’s end on this one. Babies are choosy about which adults they imitate. They base it on reliability! So be an authentic role model to your children. They are watching and judging, learning how to behave based on your reliable or unreliable behaviors. (It’s the same with older kids too, re: ninth graders in my earth science classes!)


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