9 Months Old Today – DAY 104

It’s been pretty busy around here, Bug-wise. He celebrated getting older by almost sleeping through the night last night! He woke only once, at midnight, but settled after being given a pacifier and getting tucked in again. He stayed asleep until 6 this morning, when Daddy Bug checked on him. No night time feeding! Bug, could you do this again for forever please?

Bug’s next well visit is 12/29, after Christmas. Daddy Bug will get to attend this one. 🙂 We’ll have up-to-date stats on Bug then, but I can tell you now he is HEAVY. I can barely carry him to the mailbox and back to the house!

Bug is still on Gerber’s 2nd Foods, as he isn’t crawling yet. We could probably start giving some of our food at this point but we’ve been a little nervous since he likes to choke can be a little gagalicious. I’ll definitely be asking the doctor about what adult foods we can start giving him at his next appointment.

Bug’s bottle-feeding habits have been… interesting. He usually pulls on his hair when he drinks his formula, makes loud gulping noises, scratches at my neck and face, rubs his eyes like he does when he’s sleeping, and sometimes even hits himself in the head (on purpose!). He’s very easily distracted, one of the reasons why he gave up nursing. Seriously, any little noise will set him off and he’ll refuse to go back to the bottle. If it’s really bad, I sometimes take him up to his room so he can focus better. I guess he’s just super curious and a big sensory-seeker. I’ve been reading that that’s normal for his age, and it’s expected he’ll take less formula and replace it with solids as time goes on. I’ll ask the doctor what a normal amount of formula at this stage since he’s still supposed to be getting most of his nutrition from it.

Bug started teething around 4 months but never produced any teeth. It’s picked up again the past 2 weeks, and we can finally see teeth and more pronounced bumps under his gums! Hopefully they’ll come in soon – they’re his bottom front teeth. We’ve been riding the Tylenol train to keep him happy, and balancing it with frozen, wet washcloths and frozen teething rings. Here were a definite signs of teeth coming in:

Still not doing this. Yet. I get a feeling we’re close though! If we set him up on his hands and knees (he won’t do it himself) he’ll rock back and forth a little before he collapses and cries. He WANTS to be mobile but isn’t too interested in being on his belly long enough to learn how. (Maybe he’s too fat to hold up his belly?) Pappy did the sweetest thing – concerned that Bug hasn’t ever seen anyone crawl, he showed him how. ❤

Being Social:
Bug had a play date with his friend Caleb and his mommy, my friend, Andrea! I was hoping Bug would see Caleb crawling and be a little more motivated to do it himself. Instead, he cried every time Caleb made excited noises! Clearly Bug needs to spend more time with babies because Caleb wasn’t any louder than Bug is every day. I hope he was just irritated on account of his teeth and isn’t actually scared of other kids. (He’s usually so entertained by little ones… even puppies…) He eventually got used to having another baby around and had fun.

Bug, Caleb, and Andrea 🙂



8/17/2011, 4 months earlier!

Bug also attended his first Christmas party! It was actually a work happy hour and an excuse for me to spend time with my work friends, and we both had a lot of fun. Thank you Janell for hosting!!!

Posing in front of Janell's tree

Hanging with Val and his buddy Ryan

Ok, two more pictures and I’ll stop. 🙂

Discovering that cuddling feels nice even when he's not tired. So it's with my knee, but it was adorable!

Sitting on his beach ball with Daddy Bug.


6 thoughts on “9 Months Old Today – DAY 104

  1. oh my word, really – SO STINKIN CUTE. And he’s so BIG! He crawl soon…or be like my nephew who absolutely would NOT crawl and then one day stood up and started walking (my poor sister was all O_o)

    Hopefully teething won’t be too rough!

    • Hehehe, he sure is! Maybe he’ll be crawling by Christmas? But we had predicted he wouldn’t do much crawling and would go straight to walking instead. Even as a newborn he had really strong legs and actively sought supporting his weight on them!

  2. His little face is getting chunky! So cute! Abby learned to crawl on Christmas Eve when she was 9mos old! Just in time to get into everything. Watch out! I think my dad on his hands and knees is what finally did the trick for her! Poor Alex is 4mos but not rolling over yet. It’s hard to roll 20lbs of chub! Can’t wait to hear Bug’s stats when he sees he doc!

    • Thanks for the warning 🙂 Poor Alex! I had a cousin who was so fat as a baby he couldn’t walk b/c he couldn’t support his own weight, hehe. His parents got him a jumpy and built up his leg strength instead!

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