Thanksgiving Dinner – DAY 98

Only a little late in posting this… πŸ˜‰

We moved the family room into the dining room and vice-versa so we had enough room for 13 family members for Thanksgiving! We needed 2 tables, hehe. The guest list included Mimi and Pappy, the aunties, Gruncle (great-uncle) Chris, Graunt (great-aunt) Gerry, their children/my cousins Caroline and Christopher, Gruncle Tom, and Nonni, and of course Daddy Bug, Mama Bug, and Bug himself.

You’ve already seen my thankful post and Thanksgiving morning video of the “turkey” here. Bug made Aunt Mandy’s blog post! And here are a few more pictures of the rest of the day as well as another video.

Setting up the tables the night before with Daddy.

Family photo!

Shy turkey!

Happy turkey!

Made with Bug's handprints πŸ™‚

Dressed up for dinner, turkey hat courtesy of Aunt Mandy


Holding himself up!

Starting to fall...

He doesn't like being on his belly, which is why he doesn't hold himself up for long. He cried right after this photo.

Playing with Cousin Christopher, who was amazing with Bug πŸ™‚

My flower arrangement! Taken the following day. I forgot to take a picture of our awesome tablescape 😦

The vase was really cool, if you could even call it a vase.

The other side.

My attempt at recreating that Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving dinner painting. Almost everyone can be seen!

(Norman Rockwell painting)


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