Around the House

Some miscellaneous pictures and videos taken at home.


Wearing Mama Spraker's crocheted sweater, booties, hat, and sitting on her blanket (he outgrew the hat, lol).


Playing with his beach ball

Mommy, really? A pot?

His bald spot is finally going away!

Chillin with Aunt Mandy

Cuddle time with Mimi

From our NY trip! With Great Uncle John and Great Aunt Susan.

On a walk with Daddy Bug

How I found him one morning - he was mad he couldn't get the blanket off his face!

Bug now requires naked time in the evening before bath and bed.

Looking like mommy in her glasses.


Wearing our purple for World Prematurity Day

He doesn't look real in this one!

Happy to be on his belly?!? What?



2 thoughts on “Around the House

  1. All these pictures and videos are SO cute. And I think Jeff is having more fun than Patch in the super baby video. And I’m bummed Sunday didn’t work out – but we should reschedule soon!!

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