Thanksgiving Is Not Just a Holiday – DAY 89

I am thankful for Thanksgiving this year, more so than in the past. A lot of big events have occurred in my life since last Thanksgiving and I’m grateful to have a day to pause and mark my thankfulness for them. (Cute acrostic idea stolen from Andrea!)

T: Time. I get to spend the rest of this school year with my baby on maternity leave. Even if he hadn’t been a preemie I would have wanted this first year with him! Not everyone can take a year of leave to raise their babies, and I am lucky that we could work it out. I’ve been able to use this time to get to know my mommy friends better, appreciate how much I love teaching, and just enjoy spending one-on-one time with my child (something I will definitely have less of with subsequent children!). I have time to read again (sometimes). I have time to blog about this new time in my life.

H: Husband. We faced a lot of relationship changers this year, including moving in with my parents, facing financial difficulties, me being a crazy pregnant person doubling up on grad classes to finish my masters, having our first child BEFORE finishing my masters, having a preemie baby for our first child, waiting 15 days to take said child home, spending a week in the hospital with same sick child a few months later… I’ve learned and have been surprised by how strong, caring, and gentle he is not just for our child, but for me too. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had more frustrating moments with each other this year than before, but our relationship is stronger because we’ve worked through them. I know now, more than ever, how much we love each other.

A: Abounding faith. God has given us several challenges this year but rewarded our faith in Him with wonderful gifts, small and large. I feel like I’ve really become a strong adult as a result and I couldn’t have done it without my faith.

N: NICU. The NICU saved my baby and took care of him in ways I never could for the first 15 days of his life. They also took care of my very scared and inexperienced husband and I. You can read the rest of the deets here if you didn’t already.

K: Kin. My family has helped us in so many ways this year, and we really needed it. They’ve given us a place to live, support while Bug was in the hospitals (both times), lots of babysitting time, some good baby advice, and countless other little things to keep us going.

S: Son. I HAVE A SON! Just, wow. He’s a little miracle, getting bigger each day. He embraces this world with enthusiasm, a sense of humor, and joy. I have so much to learn from him. I’ve enjoyed reliving being a child through him (taking him to test out possible Christmas gifts at Toys R Us was so unexpectedly fun!) and I’m excited for all the fun things we’ll get to do together in the future too. Being a mom has been challenging and frustrating, as it will be until the day I die I’m sure, but he makes it worth it.

I’ll post pictures and stuff later (maybe tonight!) but for now, here’s a morning teaser.


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