A Hairy Question – DAY 83

This is a purely selfish post, no judging please!

I have a hair appointment the day before Thanksgiving, and I want to look good so we can take a family photo for Christmas cards. I’m going to get lowlights to match my long roots and add a little more dimension to my root color too. I was thinking of getting a cut sort of like the following.




I like the length of the first two, but because of the short haircut I had before, it might look more like the length of the third. I don’t want bangs but like the shorter front pieces (long bangs?) in #2 and #3. I naturally have a side part so that won’t change. I really don’t want too much of a bob like in #3 because I think it exaggerates my round face (a.k.a it makes me look chubby. Well, I am chubby, but clearly I don’t want accentuate this.) I also don’t want to have to do a whole lot of work to get my hair done everyday because I know I won’t put up with that… hence a medium to shorter length and no bangs.

What do you think? Opinions please!


4 thoughts on “A Hairy Question – DAY 83

  1. You are allowed to be a smidge selfish on this one! I think the top one is the best ๐Ÿ™‚ Go for it! I went back to the super short…and loving it.

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