The Best Baby Product Ever – DAY 79

It’s so great that I didn’t even know it was baby product when I purchased it! Yep, talking about my iPhone. I’m sure any smartphone would do, but I bought the iPhone as I was already an Apple lover. They had me at iPod, circa 2003. 😉

I was thinking about writing this post for awhile but never got around to it – and then I saw this. “More than half (53 percent) of moms actually purchased a smartphone as a result of becoming a mom…” As I mentioned, I bought mine before we were pregnant, but one of the main reasons I bought it was having a linked calendar with Daddy Bug. Rather parent-like, wouldn’t you agree? “Increasingly, moms are using mobile to manage their lives; moms are 18 percent more likely to have a smartphone than the general population.”

I use my iPhone for many mommy things, other than talking, texting, and emailing. (Not like they’re important functions or anything, hehe.)

  • Organization: Appointments, play dates, reminders, alarms. I have a bad case of mommy brain and rely heavily on my phone to remember things for me.
  • Coordination: Daddy Bug and I share our calendars so we can schedule around each other, especially things like doctor appointments and events requiring babysitters!
  • Entertainment: I’m a fan of Bejeweled for de-stressing. And Facebook, Twitter, even WordPress. 😀 Yes, I have educational apps for Bug. And yes, they are a good distraction for a cranky baby. No, I don’t let him use my phone all day long so lay off the radiation talk. We’re careful!
  • Baby Apps: This was really important when Bug was first born due to lack of sleep and crazy spikes/drops of hormones (see “organization” above). I use the Similac app to keep track of breast feeding (when did I start, how long, which boob, etc.), sleep times and lengths, bottle feed times and lengths, diaper changes (when was he changed last, was it pee poop or both, color, texture, did it leak…), and even baby growth. I still use it to make sure he’s getting enough sleep and formula each day. There are other apps that perform similar functions; Similac worked best for me.
  • Mommy Apps: This was more for before Bug was born. I used the What to Expect app to keep track of Bug’s projected development in utero. I also liked the social aspect of it, message boards! While I only posted 2 or 3 times, I enjoyed reading about other women in the same stages of pregnancy as I. Just a warning, pregnant women are much cattier than non-pregnant women, which is why I didn’t post much!
  • Photos/Videos: I don’t know if you noticed, but I take A LOT of pics and videos of Bug. 😉 I have separate digital and video cameras but the iPhone can be more convenient since I know where it is at all times. Usually. (Funny story, I kept losing my phone after Bug was born. I kept leaving it in the same place – the bathroom shelf – but could never remember that was my missing phone spot. Crazy hormones!)
  • Facetime: Great way for Grandmama and Papaw to see their first grandchild even though they both live far away. Also great for the aunties to check in on how Bug is developing while they’re away at school.
So, if you’re a mom or will be a mom and want some cool technological organization in your life, I suggest an iPhone!

iPhone users, I would love some app suggestions. Which apps do you use on a daily basis? Any in particular you think are the best? Have you found any great apps for little kids? Let me know!


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