Just a quick update since you’ve been inundated with pictures and videos this week.

Bug had the last of my breast milk stores in his cereal this morning. 😦 Funny story, it was stuff I pumped and froze on the supposed Rapture Day this past May, if you remember all that hype. I saved it until now because it made me laugh. The expiration date coincided nicely with Bug giving up nursing and transitioning over to formula completely. He’ll have formula from now until his first birthday.

Just in case? It's gone now, breast milk can only be frozen for 6 months!

New Bug Behaviors:
• He smiles at the dishwasher when it turns on and off, like it’s a person.
• He turns off the light in his room (we’ve been working on it a few days!)
• He responds appropriately to “Hands up!” when we put the tray on his highchair.
• He started chewing on his tongue yesterday.
• He’s ticklish on his ribs and tops of his shoulders. (His feet too but he doesn’t usually laugh about them.)
• If he’s not sure if something is funny he’ll look at me first, then laugh if I’m laughing. 🙂

Mimi and I are taking Bug on a day trip to Brooklyn, NY to visit his great grandmother, my Nonni, tomorrow. It will be his first time through NJ and into NY! Aren’t we adventurous?!?

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


4 thoughts on “TGIF – DAY 69

  1. Still laughing about the rapture day milk. You’re too funny. And I like the idea about teaching them simple things like turning on/off lights…good idea! Saw on FB that Patch was laughing at a funny part of a movie. Too cute. Caleb has started laughing at me when I sneeze. Have fun on your trip tomorrow!

    • Haha, glad you thought it was funny too!

      He doesn’t always turn it off, but he reaches for the switch and pushes in the right direction.

      Patch finally stopped crying when I sneeze. He still looks all wide-eyed but doesn’t get upset 🙂

      We survived the trip! Details soon.

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