Halloweeny Thingies – DAY 68

We went to a costume parade at one of Daddy Bug’s schools.

With Daddy Bug.

Green, green, green.

My favorite!

But I liked this one too.

Oh and this one!

We visited another one of Daddy Bug’s schools to visit the office ladies and our friend Janice, the librarian! But Bug was tired so I didn’t take any pictures. 😦

I read Bug a scary book from Aunt Mandy and took many pictures. (How is that different from usual? I take way too many.)

Go Away Big Green Monster!

Ok, Little Green Monster doesn't have to go away.




I did a lil punkin photo shoot in the afternoon. (Because I can’t stop taking pictures.)

Is that a bug?!?

Monster noises! And photographic evidence that Bug can flip over his tongue completely.

Aunt Lana and our friends the Shanes (Sarah, Chris, Owen & Jacob) came over for trick-or-treating. But none of us actually went trick-or-treating this year, the kiddies were ready for bed before the appointed time!

Owen and Bug saying hi to each other. Note the flurry of activity can't be captured by my camera.

Jacob and Sarah (I accidentally cut her out of the frame, sorry!)

AGH!! Halloweeny babies!!! Funny expressions!!! CUTENESS!

Bug keeps touching my costume. You're his mommy, put down the camera and make him stop.

Aunt Lana with Jacob 🙂

Bug decided to really act like a monster and attacked poor Jacob. So sorry Shane family!


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