Snowtober Weekend – DAY 65

A few more pictures and videos of what we were up to this cold, snowy weekend.

Yup. Playing with toys. Necessary part of my life.

Chillin with Pappy in the early morning.



Watching a baby music tv show with Daddy Bug, totally enthralled.

Did you see that?!?

I can watch TV by myself. So cozy!


How was your snowy weekend? Hopefully you didn’t lose power! We did shortly in the middle of the night – the only reason I know is our dumb hick neighbors. They ran outside screaming and laughing when it went out and woke me up. They did the same when the power came back on a half-hour later. Not amused! At least they didn’t shoot off fireworks and guns like they usually do to mark “special events”.

Look for a post later this week with Halloween-y things. 😀


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