What Season Is It? – DAY 63

Pictures and video of conflicting seasons are below. Yeah, Nor’easters!

Bug has given up nursing completely – he was almost there a few weeks ago but kept doing an early morning breast feeding session. He put an end to that last week. I’m sad and not sad about this. I miss that close time with him and generally feel like crying every time I see a baby nursing. But I don’t have to wear nursing bras anymore, not even at night! My boobs are still big-ish which is nice, but they look and feel a little… deflated. I’ve probably crossed the TMI line and will stop discussing the state of my bosoms now. πŸ˜‰

Bug has rediscovered his tongue and feet. He likes playing with both body parts as if they were new, hehe.

He is on a solid foods kick – as in he prefers them to his bottle and intentionally drinks less so he can eat more. NOT GOOD BABY! A baby’s main source of nutrition is breast milk or formula until the age of 1. NOT EVEN CLOSE BUDDY! Did I mention I gave birth to a willful child?

He is finally using all of the homemade blankets and sweaters friends and family knitted or crocheted for him. Yay cold weather! I will be taking pictures and mailing them to the crafty gift-givers πŸ™‚

He gets a kick out of Eddie Murphy. And so do I!

I need to go through his clothes – he’s on a growth spurt again and growing out of his 6 month sizes! Also need to make a list of the clothes he is missing because of the growing and will need for winter.

Wearing Pappy's ARMY hat with Mimi

From my girls' night out at the Flyers game with Janell!

Crabfries before the game πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “What Season Is It? – DAY 63

  1. This post cracked me up! One of my friends who has breastfed 2 kids told me during my pregnancy, “I don’t have boobs! I have windsocks!” 😦 But I’m sure it’ll be worth it if we get windsocks.

    • Ahaha, windsocks!! Funny and alarming all at the same time. I read that it’s pregnancy itself that causes boob droopage, not necessarily breast feeding. Some women choose not to nurse their babies and opt to bottle feed in order to stay perky, but new research says that isn’t that effective. And then you can factor in genetic factors in skin elasticity and the make-up of breast tissue too. Interesting stuff!

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