Why I Love My Husband – DAY 61

1. He loves me! So much that he married me and made a baby with me and moved into my parents’ house with me.

2. He didn’t leave me while I was pregnant and crazy, or after I gave birth and was crazy, or recently when Bug didn’t sleep through the night and I was crazy. (I wasn’t this crazy when we got married!)

3. He surprises me with mini powdered donuts and tea from Wawa, and other various favorite foods and drinks from other various favorite locations. Nom.

4. He works on Saturdays to make extra muns so I get to stay home this school year with Bug. ❤

5. He doesn’t get upset when I repeat the same story 3 times due to my ever changing state of hormones and current lack of a social life. (I used to have a highly functioning brain.)

6. He also doesn’t get upset when I don’t put away the clean clothes. He even works around the piles of them in our small bedroom with out complaining. (I’m trying to put an end to this bad habit for his sake.)




Other Items:

  • I updated my book page, here. Started re-reading the Left Behind series and loving it! Probably won’t write a review until I finish the series though.
  • We’re getting excited for Halloween! Going to one of Daddy Bug’s schools for a parade and classroom parties. 🙂
  • Bug likes eating his juice cubes, below.

6 thoughts on “Why I Love My Husband – DAY 61

  1. Husbands are awesome right? I mean, it is pretty amazing that they stick with all our crazy during pregnancy…I didn't realize that there is really NO preparing for the hormone "crazies"…I have some extra special moments LOL

    • I always thought the crazies would go away after I was no longer gestating a baby but it just got crazier. Even the hormones to keep my boobs ready for nursing made me crazy! I’m hoping now that Bug has given up the nursing thing I might get back to normal buuuut we’ll see.

  2. Ha! Re: #2: I think they are relieved that they don’t have to experience the crazies firsthand! I, personally, think it’s much worse to BE the crazy person than to deal with the crazy person. Of course that could be because I haven’t experienced the latter! But I do agree that Daddy Bug is doing a great job–I’m so glad you have such a wonderful husband and Daddy Bug!

    • I was so tired during the first trimester that I didn’t notice the crazies until later. It was like I had finally woken up for the second trimester and found a crazy woman taking over my place, lol. As I mentioned in my reply above, I hope the crazies are on their way out!

  3. You are correct, you have an awesome husband but I think he would say that you are the awesome one! As for the video… just adorable!!! I love that you will always have this blog to show baby Bug how much he is loved! Hope it is also my school that you will visit on Halloween! Just look for Thing 31!

    • Thank you Janice I took the video about a month ago but didn’t get around to posting until now. He already looks older than he does in the video!

      I can’t wait to share this blog and the videos with him when he understands them. I heard that kids love seeing themselves when they were little.

      I’m not sure if we’ll make it to your school – Daddy Bug will be at Eagleville in the morning but depending on how Bug does we’ll try to stop by!

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