Hello, Strangers! – DAY 55

I like checking the stats for my blog to see how many people are viewing it, where they access it from, what links they click on from my blog, etc. It’s really cool! Note: I don’t know specifically who is reading it unless you comment on a post or talk to me about it face to face. WordPress isn’t getting all big brother on you! So generally I personally know all the people who read my blog. (Thank you thank you thank for those who keep up with it!)

Some people who have read my blog that I don’t know are friends of friends. They have been referred through my friends’ blogs, either through comments I’ve left on my friends’ posts or because those friends listed me on their blog roll (thank you, again!). That’s fun because we have one degree of separation between us. I’ve definitely done the same and gone through my friend’s blog rolls and periodically check in on the blogs I most enjoyed reading. (Check out the blogs I follow, right hand column on this page.)

So, I can’t explain to you how excited I was to find that *someone* was referred to this blog from the main WordPress site! That means either my blog was posted to the Freshly Pressed section of the main site, or someone created a post on their blog with similar categories/topics to mine and WordPress recommended them to read my post. Either way, I’d like to say hello and thanks for checking me out!

This got me thinking. How many people that read this blog are people I’ve never actually met before? If you’re one of them, would you leave a comment/link to your blog on this post so I can read your posts too?


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