Tylenol Troubles – DAY 47

The past two days have been quite challenging for Bug and I. He’s teething like crazy and I’m doing my best trying to soothe him. Frozen teething rings, chewable toys, and infant tylenol have all made my job much easier, thank goodness!

Two nights ago we ran out of tylenol, so I made a late night trip to Target to pick it up along with a few bottles of formula and packages of baby food that we always seem to running out of. Target was low on everything baby, including the items I needed. I grabbed the only two bottles of formula they had and the only two packages of prunes they had as well (Bug loves them). When I walked over to the pharmacy section I easily found their massive supply and copious varieties of children’s tylenol – not what I was looking for though. I had trouble finding the infant stuff because of how little they had. Only one brand in the new/correct concentration and how many boxes of it were there? You guessed it, two.

I checked the concentration on the box one more time, and even open the box to make sure it’s correct. As I do this, I can see the liquid looks a little… different. It’s clear, which is fine because it said on the box that it was dye free. No biggie. Then I notice that the liquid wasn’t as viscous as the other varieties we’ve tried before. Not a problem, probably just extra chemicals my baby doesn’t need anyhow. I read the box one more time and notice it says “natural grape flavor”. Bug didn’t show a preference for any of the 3 flavors he has tried in the past, and he’s tried other versions of acetaminophen from this company before without any issues, so I put both boxes of the tylenol in my basket and checked out.

Bug wasn’t particularly happy about taking the medicine when I got home, but I figured it was because he was really tired and cranky. He even choked a little on it, but I blamed it on his mood. The next day (yesterday) he fought me all day long when I gave him the tylenol, and even had the most epic choke of his life when Daddy Bug and Mimi were home from work. We’re talking gagging, screaming, kicking, phlegm and snot and tylenol EVERYWHERE. (It’s funny now, I promise!) Mimi tried to give him a bottle of juice to wash out his mouth, thinking that he just didn’t like the flavor. So I tried a little of the tylenol to see if Bug’s carrying on was really that necessary. I took maybe 1/10th of the dose he was supposed to have.

Oh my friends, it was yucky. The first sensation I experienced was a warming/burning feeling that spread through my mouth and wouldn’t go away. It was soon followed by this horribly bitter taste of the medicine. “Wait,” I thought, “what about the grape flavor?” It was the final blow to my poor taste buds. “Natural grape flavor” means they probably used grape juice instead of that fake sugary syrupy grape flavor that I has assumed they would use instead. Blechhhh! No wonder Bug was throwing hissy fits and choking!

So Daddy Bug ran to CVS that moment and bought the store brand, bubble gum flavored infant tylenol that we knew Bug liked before. He was so happy to have the medicine he liked that he cooed and leaped in his jumpy seat after trying it. 🙂 And I’m returning the second box of that nasty natural grape crap today.

Lesson Learned: Taste the medicine before giving it to baby.

Never again!

The good stuff (he likes it in cherry too).


2 thoughts on “Tylenol Troubles – DAY 47

  1. Medicines definitely have different tastes. FYI infant acetaminophen is being discontinued and new dosing with children’s is replacing it to reduce misdoing/overdosing errors due to different concentrations. That may be why the store was low on infant concentration.

    • Yes, I linked a WebMD article to this post about the concentration changes since it’s such a big important change! We had been calling our doctor for dosages since they don’t put them on the bottle for kids under 2. At the last dr. appointment we went to I asked for an updated dosage and he gave us a paper with dosages for both the old and the new concentrations. He said they aren’t pulling the old ones off the shelves, just stopping any new production of them. Crazy stuff!

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