Live birth… as performance art?

Live birth… as performance art? – Yahoo! News.

It’s a good day for mommy news stories today!

Anyhow, nothing new or exciting in this article. You can watch births on TV, DVD, the internet… I even know of people who have invited their mothers and friends to come watch them give birth. I think having babies is beautiful thing (and a messy thing, and a painful thing, etc.), but I don’t think I would call it art. This “artist” is just trying to get attention, in my opinion.

It does bring up one question for me. Who would you/did you have at the births of your children? I only wanted my husband and the necessary medical professionals at Bug’s birth (and we had quite a crew due to Bug’s early arrival – thank goodness I didn’t need a c-section on top of that).


4 thoughts on “Live birth… as performance art?

  1. You know I go back and forth for this. It’s not unknown that I want to try for a natural birth. I know my husband will be excellent support (it’s why we’re married :P) but I don’t know who else I want in the room for that. On one hand, I’d love to have as many people there as possible! It’s just SO cool! I want to be proud of it and share it! But then I think about what I’m like when I’m in pain and then I change my story. Plus, Matt and I were the only ones present for the making of the baby…I’m thinking we should be the only ones there for the birth haha.

    • The only other person I considered having in the room was my mom, but she was NOT interested. She didn’t want to see me in pain. (All three of her birth experiences happened too quickly for her to have an epidural, as much as she wanted one.)

  2. Did you read Analise’s birth story? I had been on the fence about having my mom there. I’m so glad God worked things out the way he did so she was there–otherwise I’m sure I would have had drugs and I’m really glad I didn’t have to!

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