Signs of Fall – DAY 44

1. The leaves are starting to change colors. (Actually, they have those orange, yellow, red, etc. colors in them all the time. The trees stops making the green chlorophyll pigment that masks all the other pigments during the Spring and Summer, in reaction to shorter amounts of daylight that occur during Fall and Winter. But I digress.)

2. My mom bought me a box of Witchy Treats Tasty Cakes, the only kind of Tasty Cake I like. (Didn’t they used to be called Witchy Good Treats? It’s a highly debated topic around here.)

3. Stink bugs are attacking the windows. And doors. And people.

4. The Flyers beat the Devils in a shutout! LOVE LOVE LOVE hockey season, by which I also mean LOVE LOVE LOVE hockey fights.

5. It’s getting colder. I hope we experienced “indian summer” this weekend and the 80 degree temperatures are done for the season. On the other hand, today’s weather was absolutely beautiful. 🙂

6. People are using pumpkin in their recipes! Yummmmmm.

7. Fall Festivals are being held everywhere. (Pictures from one we attended this weekend are below. Note that Bug wasn’t too interested in smiling – we woke him from a nap for the pictures, lol.)

Ohh, so this is where pumpkins come from?

Patch in the pumpkin patch.

Ok, you can take my picture again if you really need to.

(It's a better picture of Mama Bug than Bug... author's choice.)

Tired baby! Silly parents for waking him up for photo ops.

My little ghostie.

Mommy pumpkin for carving, Daddy pumpkin with warts, and a tiny Baby punkin.


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