Book Updates – DAY 41

I finished two books since I last posted about what I’ve read this year. Woohoo! Reading what I choose to is all that I thought it could be and more. 🙂  Check out Books I’ve Read in 2011 to keep up to date on what I’m reading, even if I haven’t written a review of the book yet!

The first book I finished was one I told you about before, The Clockwork Universe. I LOVED IT. It covered earth science, history, theology, astronomy, physics, calculus, philosophy… if you are even remotely interested in at least one of those topics, this book is for you. If all those topics sounded boring to you, I couldn’t put the book down because the author did a great job of bringing history (and those topics) to life. It has in-depth information about the famous scientists and mathematicians of that time, what their personalities were like, how they interacted with one another, and how they functioned within the Royal Society. I’m highly recommending it. I wish I still had the actual book with me to give a more thorough review! But Lower Providence Library wanted their book back after I asked for an extension.

The second book I read was an e-book my mom downloaded to both her Kindle and iPad, called The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. Henrietta Lacks is the person whose cervical cancer cells are known as “HeLa” cells, which have been used in many important studies and experiments related to cancer, diabetes, and used to discover many mysteries about human cells. It is widely believed she donated her cells, but in fact they were taken from her without her consent and without her knowing. The book gets into details about her life, information about Johns Hopkins, and takes on big medical ethical questions. How much of yourself is yours? When are tissues and cells taken from your body no longer considered yours? How enforced is informed consent in medical and scientific research? Are people without medical insurance taken advantage of in studies?  What about people of different races? Should people who receive free medical care, and their cells, be treated differently than those who pay for their care? How well does the US take care of their poor, sick, and elderly? I loved this book because it really made me think critically about all those questions, and really dissect how I feel about science and medical ethics. You don’t need a science background to understand this book and think about these big ideas!

As for future reading, I will start reading the Left Behind series like I originally planned to next. I’m still keeping up with What to Expect the First Year and both Parents and Parenting magazines as they come in.


2 thoughts on “Book Updates – DAY 41

  1. I can’t wait until I quit my job in November. I have about 20 + books on my book list that I just haven’t had time for with school/work. I think I’ll add “immortal life” to the list! Sounds very interesting!

    • I hope you like it! I wasn’t sure how long it was/how quickly I was reading it because I didn’t have the physical book to hold (my first full e-reading experience). It surprised me when I finished it as quickly as I did. 🙂

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