CVS’s Hand Sanitizer – DAY 40

CVS’s Instant Hand Sanitizer with Shea Butter & Sugar Beads is one of the most useful baby products I own. I guess it’s more of a mommy product since the label warns you to call poison control if your children ingest it and I would never use it on a baby. It works just like any hand sanitizer. You rub it on your hands and the alcohol in it kills most germs by drying them out. (Disrupting their cell membranes and leaking out the cell’s contents, if you’re into bacteriology. No? Just me then…) Just make sure you leave it on your hands long enough to dry completely, about 15 seconds according to the packaging.

The great thing about this particular sanitizer is the scent! The shea butter covers the alcohol smell while your hands are still wet, and keeps smelling great after they’re dry. The shea butter keeps your hands smooth, something that other sanitizers don’t do. It doesn’t say so on the bottle, but I think the shea butter also helps your hands from drying out as much as they would with a regular sanitizer. Keep in mind, though, it’s no lotion. The alcohol works because it dries things out!

I keep a bottle of this in my diaper bag, my downstairs diaper caddy drawer, Daddy Bug’s manly diaper bag, etc. I love that it comes in a small size, 2 ounces. I use it mostly after diaper changes but also anytime I can’t wash my hands and I know they’re dirty. I’m sure I’ll be using it a lot during cold and flu season. I still call it a baby product because it keeps me from passing germs onto Bug. (Washing your hands is still one of the best ways to prevent the spreading of germs, friends, don’t forgo the soap and sink!)


[Sorry no Wordless Wednesday this week. We had a play date with new friends, had to do a Toys R Us run, and Bug didn’t take either of his long naps. Better luck next week!]


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