6 Month Well Visit – DAY 37

Bug is a big boy! He weighs 19 pounds 13 ounces / in the 90th percentile, is 26.25 inches long / in the 50th percentile, and has a head circumference of 17.25 inches / in the 50th percentile.

He didn’t cry and scream as much or as loudly after getting his vaccines this time (last time he screamed almost the whole way home, no exaggeration, ugh!). The nurse was really nice and kept talking to him until he smiled. Have you ever seen a baby hysterically crying and laughing at the same time? The transition was hilarious to watch once I realized he was calming down. 🙂 All his vaccines were follow-ups to vaccines he received in May except for one, the flu shot. Daddy Bug, Mimi, Pappy, and I are all getting flu shots this year since we’re all in close contact with Bug. I think the aunties said they are going to as well. Bug has to go back for a second flu shot in a month since it’s his first flu season.

The pediatrician cooed over how fat and smiley Bug was and how he tried to show off all his new developmental tricks, like sitting up on his own. Bug’s been cleared for the second round of baby foods, which means blends of new and old foods, as well as the introduction of meat! Yummy. Maybe he’ll be a steak lover like Mama Bug and Daddy Bug? 😉

After his second flu shot we don’t have to go back to the pediatrician’s again until the end of this year! Right now he’s taking a nice, long nap. Hopefully he chooses the sleepy reaction to his vaccines today and tomorrow, instead of the cranky one.

Here’s a video of Bug listening to Aunt Lana when she visited last Friday. ❤


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