A Family Trip Weekend – DAY 33

Bug’s family had quite the weekend!

  • We celebrated Mimi’s birthday with my Uncle Tom, Aunt Cleo, and Pappy at the best pizza place ever, Olce in Skippack.
  • We went on our first family trip to Philadelphia for a walking tour on Saturday and our second family trip to Baltimore for cousin Analise’s dedication on Sunday.
  • I drove us to both cities, which is a good thing for me since Daddy Bug usually does most of the driving, and I don’t particularly like city driving. Also, I kind of had to… Bug’s new big boy car seat takes up a lot of room since he still needs to be rear-facing. Because of how my car is parked in the garage, Bug has to sit behind the driver’s seat and I’m the only one who can fit there now.
  • We only had one major disaster over the weekend. We forgot to pack Bug’s bottles on Sunday (but remembered to wash and sanitize them the night before, and pack formula?!). I didn’t bring a nipple shield since Bug doesn’t nurse during the day anymore. He won’t nurse without the shield, and didn’t like the disposable nipples we were able to buy at the rest stop on the way to Baltimore. We gave Bug solid food to tie him over (we remembered that too?!) and Daddy Bug and Aunt Mandy went to Walmart where they bought a new bottle and the correct flow nipples. Crisis averted.
  • Bug is finally cutting his first teeth (yes, that’s plural, 2!), can sit up unsupported for long periods of time (if he hasn’t eaten recently… if he has he pukes everywhere lol), and is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! We’re talking 8-11 hours in a row my friends. Sometimes he wakes up but can be settled down quickly with a pacifier, sometimes a cuddle.
It was so nice to visit with extended family at Analise’s dedication. I loved spending time with my cousins, Lisa and Kate, and their families too. They’re actually my dad’s cousins, but they’re closer in age to me and more of my generation than his. My great aunt and two great uncles met Bug for the first time (his great-great aunt and uncles!). I enjoyed thinking about how my great aunts and uncles and grandparents used to be the people raising children, then their children did the same, and now I’m doing it too. It almost gave me chills to see four generations together. I love that my cousins and I have rekindled our relationships in the past few years as we’ve all become adults and get to raise our kids together. I always felt that family was important (my only constant in the world of changes I experienced as an ARMY brat) but didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about it. Now that I’m starting my own, I’m so grateful for my parents and sisters and their support, especially in the past year. Family is a blessing, no matter how crazy it can be, and this weekend was a reminder to me how good my life is because of it.

Sleeping with Mimi at Olce Pizza

Posing with Daddy Bug across from Constitution Hall

A rare picture with Mama Bug - outside the Constitution Center

Analise with her parents, Lisa and Jesse, and their pastor

Sitting up all on my own - at Lisa and Jesse's house

Hanging with his godmother

Meeting his Great Great Aunt Squeegee


4 thoughts on “A Family Trip Weekend – DAY 33

  1. Hahaha! I had to tell you…I read your posts pretty much as soon as I get the email about them. If it’s on my phone, I have to go back and look at it on the computer to see any pictures or videos. So anyway…I read this one a few days ago and thought YOU were confused. I didn’t think Bug had met 2 great, great uncles last weekend. But then I just realized that *I* was confused–my dad was the great, great that I couldn’t even fathom! It’s so funny because I had also been having a little bit of trouble thinking that Aunt Squeegee could be a great, great, but I suppose she is! The whole 6-month age gap between generations makes it confusing! Anyway, wanted to share since I just got a good laugh at myself!:)

    • I agree, the 6 month age gap between our generations blurs our family relationships just a little bit! I had to think about it like a family tree, with each set of children for each generation on the same line. You’re the line above me, as is my dad, even though you and I are closer in age than you and he are!

  2. By the way, I’d love to get copies of any pictures you have–I COMPLETELY forgot to ask anyone to take any! I’m so annoyed with myself!

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