TV Time – DAY 30

TV Shows I Can’t Wait to Watch:

  • Boardwalk Empire – Second season just started!
  • New Girl – Zooey Deschanel is my girl.
  • The Office – Still a fan!
  • Parenthood – So glad they continued it another season.
  • Up All Night – Just kidding, not as funny as I thought it would be.
  • Teen Mom – The new season just ended.  😦
I watch them mostly On Demand, now that a certain baby is keeping me busy. Also, it’s hockey pre-season so Flyers games are cutting into TV time. (Go Flyers!)
What are you watching this season? Any recommendations now that you know what I like?
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3 thoughts on “TV Time – DAY 30

  1. Girl, I watch TOO MUCH. I’m with ya on the “Up All Night”. Thought it would be funn, but not so much. Here’s my current schedule:

    The New Girl
    Terra Nova (Giving it a shot…)
    Modern Family
    Happy Endings
    Grey’s Anatomy (Yeah I just can’t stop watching this trainwreck)
    I’m going to try Grimm and that Once Upon a Time one as well…

    • I might try Terra Nova and Once Upon a Time if they’re On Demand. I’ve been into the Grey’s Anatomy reruns on Lifetime, but only when nap time works out that way, lol. I was watching Bones reruns with my sister the end of this summer and liked it, so maybe I’ll pick that up too. Too much tv, not enough time!

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