Mommy Workout – DAY 26

I remembered seeing a mommy workout plan in an old magazine and finally looked for it a few days ago. It seems pretty simple and doesn’t require me to purchase any equipment, machines, or a gym membership! It’s all stuff that can easily be done inside at home. I found the article in the May issue of Parents. I like that it’s a structured plan but with choice built into it so I don’t get bored doing the same stuff over and over again.

Basically, you choose from lists of 4 arm moves, 5 belly moves, and 7 cardio bursts. One arm move, one belly move, and one cardio burst are one set. To lose weight and tone all over, do 4 sets, 3 times a week. You should also do 20-30 minutes of walking or jogging twice a week.

Easy enough… now onto getting off the computer and off my butt… I WILL NOT EAT THE BROWNIES FOR BREAKFAST! See, healthy choices all over the place. 😉


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