News Day Tuesday – DAY 24

Articles from the past few days I thought were relevant for us mommies!

Diaper Sales Drop – Would you change your baby less to save money on diapers? I used to change Bug every time he ate (usually between sides when he was nursing to keep him awake) but now not as often because he goes longer between feedings. It also depends on his napping schedule during the day.

Child Abuse Head Injuries – Does a slow economy increase child abuse? 😦 Just a sad article. They’re hesitant to define a specific relationship between the economy and child abuse but do note there is some kind of connection.

Kid’s Well Visits Too Short – I was told to make the most of checkups by coming with a list of questions and your child’s milestones/behaviors. Your doctor appointments are what you make up of them and I find I forget things unless I’ve saved them to my phone or write them on a sticky note!


5 thoughts on “News Day Tuesday – DAY 24

  1. On the diapering – I know a lot of people that have begun switching to cloth diapers. It’s not nearly as scary anymore, and they’re SO CUTE. Plus an entire cloth diapering system will cost you about $400-500 (usually all at once) BUT you obviously save SOOOOO much money when the average cost is $1500/year on disposables.

    I’ll attempt it for sure but make no mistake, I’ll have disposables at the ready!! Hah.

    As for the second article. BOO! How awful…and unfortunately money DOES buy happiness…to a certain extent. People working 3 jobs trying to feed their kids can lose that connection that is necessary to maintain a healthy relationship with their children. Money ..ugh.

    • I was scared to do the cloth diapering thing because of the nature of breastfed newborn poops. Now that Bug has moved on to more solids, I think we could handle cloth a little better. Of course I don’t have the funds to invest in cloth diapering now! Just out of curiosity, do you know often you think you’ll have to laundry? That was the other part that scared me, keeping up with the wash!

      • Well…the answer would be…it totally depends. Each baby is a little different and each cloth diapering brand is a little different. My good friend does a small load of diapers every 3 days. She has a TON of inserts, liners and then about 8-10 actual diaper covers.

        The one’s I’ve heard the BEST things about: BumGenius (pocket diapers) and Gdiapers (a hybrid…you can do a combination of cloth or biodegradable disposables which flush).

        So those are the first ones we’ll try. IF you want to give it a shot, I’d get two bumgenius diaper covers and at least 6 cloth inserts. I hear weird things about the organic ones so just stick with the regular cloth.

        Let me know if you have any questions…I can direct you to two different people that cloth diaper currently. Both went from newborn. So they’d be a better resource than me for sure!

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