The Evolution of Eating… in Video – DAY 19

I have discovered a treasure trove of videos I’ve taken of Bug but haven’t posted yet (expect more video entries in the near future). These 3 show how he’s learned to eat solid foods in just a month’s worth of time. He looks so little in the first one!

Last day of July

Beginning of August (3 days after the first video)

Beginning of September

By the way, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Flip video camera Mimi, Pappy, and the aunties gave Daddy Bug and I for Christmas last year. Best gift ever! My iPhone does a great job too, but the Flip camera has an attachable tripod and is a little more manageable to take video with. It got me through my last grad class (Digital Storytelling) and is so much fun to use with my new little subject, Bug. 😀

I know I missed Wordless Wednesday yesterday and I do apologize. Screaming baby, visiting Daddy Bug at work, and having ice cream with Mama Bug’s friend Janell kept us busy. I’ll pick it up again next week!


3 thoughts on “The Evolution of Eating… in Video – DAY 19

  1. Diana ~ The Flip is great and comes with a cool program that lets you edit your movies but also makes it super easy to share on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. I learn more each time I use it!

    Lisa ~ Thank you! He’s a real cutie ❤

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