Baby Dreams – DAY 17

When I was pregnant, I had very strange, graphic, vivid dreams (yay crazy levels of hormones – thank you sassafrass for reminding me :)). They slowly faded away after I gave birth to Bug, which was good because I was having trouble sleeping for some odd reason… something to do with a crying baby… Anyhow!

I dreamed about Bug before he was born pretty frequently, and now hardly ever. Daddy Bug recently dreamed about him talking for the first time in full sentences, Mimi dreamed about him taking his first steps… the few times I have dreamed about him, I was frantically trying to feed him or change his diapers for what seemed like hours (a nice variation on the dreams I used to have about work). Not nearly as fun as Daddy’s or Mimi’s! So last night I finally had a really vivid baby dream but it was missing a certain person… that’s right, I dreamed about another person’s baby.

It all took place at work which had all the people I work with at school in it, but it was a hospital AND a school combined, which turned out to be a good thing later on. So I look down and realize that I’m pregnant (it was a very happy feeling!) and this baby is very active. I can see under my shirt that the baby is pressing his hands out hard enough for me to see his fingers. As I mention this to some of the women I work with, I pull up my shirt and realize that I’ve started giving birth to the baby. Those fingers I thought were inside me were not! It was like I had a c-section but the baby cut me open from the inside, instead of the more traditional form of the surgery. He was coming out of my abdomen! So as I go to the maternity ward, I contact one of the women I work with telling her I was having her baby. (That’s right, I was a surrogate mom, weird weird weird!) I took the baby out of me and forgot to clean him and to wrap him in a blanket. By the time my coworker showed up to pick up her baby, he was messy, cold, and dead. Meanwhile, my parents are at work with me during this time, saying my boss set up a dinner meeting with them because he was concerned about me and how I was doing at work. I was upset that my boss was going behind my back and that I didn’t know I was doing badly at work. Note that I wasn’t terribly upset about the dead baby situation… At this point I realized I was dreaming and woke myself up.

So there ya have it, Mamabug has a warped, crazy little dream life. I have no idea how to interpret this one! Your insights are welcome in the comments section.

And here’s a Bug video… let’s call it “Rolling Over Meltdown”… He gets so pissed he sounds the siren. The video doesn’t quite capture the volume of his cry!


2 thoughts on “Baby Dreams – DAY 17

  1. haha YAY! I’m not the only one! I just had another one last night that I gave birth in the jungle and a giant monkey helped deliver my baby. I just…no words.


  2. Ooh, are you Tarzan’s wife? I heard a common one is giving birth to something that isn’t human, like a puppy or kitten, but I missed out on that one. Hah!

    Yes, he’s a chunk… we think he might be 18 lbs but we won’t know for sure until his next dr. appointment in the beginning of October. I know he’s a lot heavier because my knees are killing me!

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