Post Baby Fitness – DAY 16

I weighed myself this morning for the first time since I was 6 weeks postpartum. The good news is, I haven’t gained any weight since then. The not so great news is I haven’t lost any weight since then either. I could probably stand to lose about 10 lbs… The number isn’t important (so I’m not sharing :P), but it is important for me to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes before it starts getting cold again or I won’t have much clothing to wear! Also, I can feel how out of shape I am – gross. So it’s less about losing weight and more about losing flub. They say it takes 9 months to get this way (less than that for me, silly premie baby) so it’ll take that long to get back… but Bug is already 6 months old! Time to get crackin’.

I’m not supposed to diet since I’m a nursing mom and need some extra calories, but because I’m still lactating (read: my boobs are still ginormous) I’ll probably carry a little extra weight until Bug is completely weaned. Exercise is my best bet for now. During summer vacation I walked almost every day with Daddy and Baby Bug, even if it meant going to the mall on the really hot days. I stopped doing that towards the end of vacation and now that the school year has started, I’ve been out twice at the request of Daddy Bug. Since the weather is going to be nice the rest of this week, my goal is walk each day during the work week. Hopefully the weather stays nice, we have a pleasant Fall season, and I’ll continue with it! Bug loves walking because he can gaze at all the trees from his stroller – a budding biologist in my midst? 😉

Any nursing moms or moms who have nursed before have any tips for exercise/toning/etc.??? Keep in mind I’m not training for a marathon or to become a weight lifter 🙂 Clearly getting off my butt and away from the computer is the first step, hehe!

On that note… keep an eye out for Bug videos later this week. I’m off to locate my sneakers!


5 thoughts on “Post Baby Fitness – DAY 16

  1. thanks for your honesty! it’s been hard to lose my weight too! i’m ravenous all the time because of nursing. want to walk again some time on the trail?

  2. You can exercise anyway you want. The pregnancy weight plus another 20 lbs melted off the first time. It’s not going as fast this time as I am only a couple lbs under my pre-first pregnancy weight, but at 2.5 months postpartum I’m up to 2.5 mile runs a couple times a week plus push ups and sit ups and I’m trying to get better about my diet.

  3. That’s great! Keep up the hard work! I’m not good at running – it usually involves side stitches, blisters, and is more like a slooooow tragic jog than a run for me, hehe. I’m trying to eat better too. Fortunately, Daddy Bug and Mimi are doing a Weight Watchers based diet and are making healthy choices that affect what I’m eating by default.

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