Munchkin’s Fresh Food Feeder – DAY 12

If you were following and saw my most recent Wordless Wednesday post, you saw Bug enjoying his Fresh Food Feeder. Made by the Munchkin company (a favorite of mine), it’s basically a mesh bag with a hard, plastic hinge and ring. The hinge opens, allowing you to put soft food inside for your baby to gum away at safely. Bug’s grandparents Mimi and Pappy bought him the feeder on a whim (thanks guys!)

Juice Cubes:
I froze pear juice in Medela’s 2.8oz breast milk storage bottles – they’re about the same width as the feeder’s opening. After thawing the bottles so the juice cubes could slide out, I used a big knife to cut them into smaller pieces. I store the pieces in a freezer bag back in the freezer until we need them. Bug loves to suck on the juice cubes in his high chair while we eat dinner! It is a little messy but totally worth it so I can eat dinner with the rest of the adults. 🙂

The only critiques I have are that the latch on the hinge is a little difficult to open (but necessary to keep the food locked inside so baby doesn’t choke) and you can’t sterilize it like you would bottles or pacifiers (hand wash only).

Other Munchkin products I love:

  • Diaper bag dispenser – scented trash bags for dirty diapers and all sorts of other messes. I keep it attached to my diaper bag.
  • Figure eight teether – it twists, rattles, and has different teething textures.
  • Ice teethers – we have the foot and hand and keep them in the freezer. Another great purchase by Mimi and Pappy.

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