Happy Fall! – DAY 6

Ok, I know it isn’t officially Fall until much closer to the end of the month, but school has started, supplies have been bought, and we’ve had a few cooler days that reminded me of Fall. 🙂

Bug celebrated the first day of September by rolling over all on his own for the first time! He rolls from his belly (which he hates being on) to his back. He smiles when he does it and loves that he can finally get off his belly when he wants to. He seems to prefer rolling to his left but he’ll roll to the right if he feels like it.

Other big news includes Daddy Bug going back to work (he’s a teacher like me). His first day was Wednesday. I was a little apprehensive about what it would be like because I’ve had help all summer with Daddy Bug, my sisters being home at different times, and my parents when they come home from work. How did it go? The morning was a disaster. Bug knows when his daddy is gone and decided that morning would be a good one to fight taking a nap. FOR AN HOUR. I did my best to rock him, cuddle with him, sing to him, use his sound machine, give him butt pats, give him his pacifier, all the tricks that he likes. Every time he fell asleep in my arms, he screamed and cried as soon as I put him down. I tried 3 location changes (his crib, the comfy couch, his yellow basinet/rocking chair). When he finally settled down in the yellow chair, I collapsed on the comfy couch. I then realized I was on borrowed time and jumped into action: shower, washing bottles, getting baby food ready for when Bug woke up next, pumping, etc. The stinker slept for 2 hours! He must have been tired or something… 😉

The rest of the day went much better. We even went out to CVS and Wegman’s and I baked a cream cheese lemon bar dessert to celebrate Daddy Bug’s first day. Which he loved! I didn’t know how much he liked cream cheese until then, after 3+ years of marriage. I’m looking forward to settling into a new schedule of just Bug and I, and figuring out this new part of my life.


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