Mommy News – DAY 3

Baby Boom: North Carolina Hospital Sees High Birth Rate During Hurricane Irene – TIME NewsFeed. Apparently high stress hormones are correlated with early labors (thanks Rachel for the extra info!)… explains why I went into early labor with Bug.  He came 6 weeks early when my water broke. I was taking 2 grad classes trying to finish my master’s degree before his due date, working full time on my feet, and learning while simultaneously using a new teaching model called co-teaching.

Other Mommy News:

  • Beyonce and Jay-Z are having their first baby! Announced on MTV’s VMAs. I identify with them as a couple – Daddy Bug and I have the same age difference as they do, ~10.5 years.
  • Mother Maternity is having a sale! I recommend them to all my mommy and soon-to-be-mommy friends because they have really great basics for not a whole lot of $.

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