Yum Yum Yum – DAY 2

Bug LOVES to eat. We started him on solid foods just before he was 5 months old (instead of waiting until he was 6 months old because he was showing all the indications – interest in food, avidly watching others eat it, making chewing motions with his mouth, sitting up with assistance, etc.) He started with rice cereal made with breast milk and took right to eating from a spoon! After speaking to our doctor, Bug was given the go ahead for first foods veggies and fruits – we’re going with Gerber to get started but I may make our own food in the future. We also introduced oatmeal with breast milk when we noticed the rice cereal was binding up his intestines. He drinks 4-5 ounces of prune juice a day to keep the constipation away.


  • green beans – yum
  • sweet peas – major yuck, involved gagging
  • carrots – yum, but caused constipation
  • squash – yum, but caused constipation
  • sweet potatoes – YUM!
  • prunes – YUM!
  • peaches – so so, too tangy for him right now
  • pears – he’ll have them for the first time this afternoon

Breast Milk:
Bug still nurses but for not as long as he used to, and will take the solid foods over the breast milk. He’s much more interested in what’s going on around him and gets distracted while nursing. He usually does a better job nursing at night. I’m concerned that because of his reduced interest and focus on nursing during the day that we won’t be breast feeding much longer. My goal before Bug was born was to breast feed until 6 months, or longer if he still wanted to. Now I’m realizing that I’d like to do it longer! I have to keep in mind how blessed we are that he was even able to breast feed (he spent time in the NICU and later on, CHOP… subject for another post).

Bug does have one bottle of formula at night, after nursing and a bath. We started this a long time ago, trying to get him to sleep a little longer at night, and still keep with the habit. One night we switched it up and gave him a bottle of breast milk instead and he refused to drink it!
You would think a guy so set in his bedtime routine would stick to a night time schedule too… but he doesn’t. If we’re lucky enough and he only wakes up once, we’re usually up around 2:30-3am and then up for the day around 6am. Very workable! He usually wakes up twice a night though. 😦 We’re up around 12-1am, then 3:30-4:30 am. Now that Daddy Bug is attempting to get back to his work schedule, I try to get him to sleep another hour or two after that. Bug likes to start his day at 4:30am if he doesn’t sleep well at night – unamused. He’s old enough to start letting him cry it out and we know he’s capable of sleeping 7-9 hours in a row as he’s done it a few times before.

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